Manual selection of articles

Media Track Analysis is a division of Media Track which employs first-rate analysts that can manually sort, selects and otherwise process articles that are specifically relevant to your clients’ demands. We perform media monitoring through specialized research, coding and analysis and we use the latest technology and top-of-the-line tools in acquiring pertinent information with pinpoint accuracy to provide clients with paramount service. We code several different variables in a systematic method that results in well-organized information.


Sentiment Analysis

Media Track Analysis also offers the option to rate articles so that your clients are able to gauge market sentiments. We efficiently process language and text to accurately identify and understand consumer feelings and attitudes towards relevant brands or topics. Our experienced team of analysts will assess articles and give ratings/tonality. For example, if the article concerned puts the client or subject in a good light, our analysts will give it a positive rating. This would greatly help in knowing how people feel about your products or brands, how they respond to your campaigns or product launches, and in finding a way to predict the outcome of an event.


Sending of SMS Alerts

Media Track has a dedicated SMS alert service that can send SMS alerts to your clients to keep them up to date with news that are of utmost importance or relevance to them. Our SMS service is sent out in a timely and efficient manner so that your clients are notified as soon as possible. This feature ensures maximum reliability and gives you an edge against competitors.



In Media Track Analysis, we are able to translate your media content into English accurately and efficiently. We go through rigorous tests and follow tight procedures to ensure that your translations are 100% accurate, clear and easy to understand. These translations are provided in a timely manner and aim to capture the true meaning and essence of the original article.



Our expert analysts will follow the requirements of your clients and give them a summary and score of the monitored media contents. This will save invaluable time for your busy clients and enable them to maximise on the media content. Our analysts have superb work ethics and will deliver an impeccable media analysis that meets what our client is looking for.


Radio and TV monitoring solutions

When it comes to monitoring radio and TV, our highly-trained team of analysts use the best techniques and methods to deliver written summaries to your clients. We currently monitor a total of over 100 radio and TV news broadcasts every day. We use a well-tested combination of tagging of top titles, keywords and searching in subtitles. This enables us to keep your clients updated regularly in their preferred media. We use tools that respond to the demands of your clients in retrieving precise information.

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