The Advantages of Print Media in Today’s Digital World

December 22, 2015

Within mere seconds, all the information we need is now available at the click of a mouse, push of a button, tap on a screen or slide of a finger. We now live in a digital world where the way we think about how information is disseminated and used has changed because of the Internet. We spend 80% of our lives in front of our computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones. We listen to music, watch movies and various videos, read e-books or news online through our mobile devices. There’s no more need to spend countless hours searching for jobs or apartments in the newspaper or at the library to do research.

Advantage of Digital Media: Fast Delivery of Information

To deliver information at break-neck speed is digital media's main advantage over printed media. This is especially true where mediums beyond the control of the government are used. Social media networks, for example, are used by the tech and Internet-savvy youth to plot and coordinate mass protests against oppressive rulers. In fact, the revolution that digital media brought about has renewed that long debate whether print media is still significant or not. Now it appears that digital media has become a valuable resource where one question remains: is print media still relevant?

We at Media Track believe that print media is still important. It has a few advantages that give an edge over digital media. We’re not discrediting digital media at all, but we recommend that the advantages of print media should be considered at all times when settling on which medium to use.

Advantages of Print Media:


This article discusses the importance of considering the benefits of printed media today even though we live most of our days accessing digital media.


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