Media Conversion

Media Track conversion is a division of Media Track dedicated to convert printed media contents into structured and searchable text files. In most cases, the contents arrive as PDF files, Physical Papers or Microfilmed Documents provided by the client or according to agreements with publishing houses or libraries. Being one of the fastest in the media industry, we assure that your media files are converted quickly allowing you to meet the demands and expectations of your clients.

Here are some of the key features of our Media Conversion:


We help you increase your content value by digitizing and appropriately tagging different article elements in each article and deliver as XML file.  In addition, our XML files can contain supporting information about the article context in terms of media source information, page number, language etc.
- The Choice is Yours as our format is 100% Customizable.

XML Tag Description
Language Language of media source
Name Name of media source
ID 6 digit identifier for the media source
Doc Date Media source publishing date
Physical Position Page number of article
Logical Position Section name
Headline Article headline
Sub-headline Smaller headline like text, typically positioned below headline
Pre-introduction Text to precede introduction, text that acts as a topic or key terminology
Introduction Article introduction
Story Article body text
Blurp Short text that is different from the normal layout, intended to catch the reader
I.e. Encircled text next to an image, typically part of the tabloid layout style
Quote Quote pulled out from the story text, typically in large font size
Factbox Text box containing information
Eg. Background Information
Teaser Page reference, typically used in front page
Byline Journalist name, email address, phone number
Image Image caption, photographer name, email, phone number, imagerights, holder

We digitize all types of printed media including Daily Nationals, Tabloids, Regional Newspapers, Local Newspapers, Weekly Newspapers and Magazines such as professional, health, fitness, design, youth, hobby amongst others...

Media Management

As part of our Media Conversion operations we offer to keep track of your incoming data files, check for irregularities and even contact publishers or other content providers if necessary. Our system automatically spots missing, corrupted, and late pages (i.e. according to usual publication time or advance publication schedules), and our staff is ready to take action so you have all contents on time.

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